(04) 2298-7982
87, LuShun Road, Sec. 1, BeiTun District
Hours: 1-8 pm; 1-6 pm
(to 6 pm Saturday, closed Sundays)

This art and handicraft supplier started out in a tiny, two-ping shop but currently boasts a double-sized store. The variety here is huge, arguably giving it the most complete selection in Taichung. You'll most likely find anything you can think of here, whether it's for professional purposes or personal interest. Shoppers should be thrilled with the variety, from crystal beads, yarn, clay, ribbons, string, imported gems, sequins and Chinese ties, to festivity decorations like Chinese banners and lanterns and Christmas hangings. The crystal products available here are imported from Austrian company Swarovski, guaranteed high-quality cutting and color. Other items include a huge range of paints, paper, wood or even "feng shui" mirrors. While even the owners are occasionally at loss to remember everything they offer, they're more likely to successfully find what you're looking for on some store shelf.

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