What's in Vogue for Summer 2006 (Part 1)

--By Karishma Krishna Translated by Shanzi Chen

Hello, Ladies, it's time again for another fun shopping spree! However, don't panic about spending lots of cash because, as I said before, the easiest way to update one's wardrobe is not to throw out everything from last season but to simply accessorize! Accessories are not only less expensive but also have a longer lifespan than most items of trendy clothing. This season, '50s chic, '60s retro, Ethnic Chunky or all-out Sexy add a kick of style with spring's best accents.

1. Platform Shoes
The Look: In patent leather, bold primary colors, ankle straps, metallics and light-catching satins, these killer heels (and substantial show-off shoes) give new proportion to your wardrobe.
How to wear them: Bright, daring accessories like these can only be an over-the-top "statement piece" for this season's fairly neutral lineup.
Where to wear them: Great news, girls; these can be worn at any time and anywhere as long as you don't mind the height! For me, this is the season's hottest item, as we all love to be taller, with the added bonus that we can now be very comfortable, too.

2. The Handbag
The Look: From structured to oversized and sloppy, this season's hottest bag is all about its enticing combination of details. Look out for crazy shapes and loud, bright colors mixed with a combination of fabrics, from leathers to woven grass-like materials.
How to wear it: Seeing as this look is so varied, I suggest that you splurge on one bag for day use and one for night that works with your personality and go with that.
Where to wear it: Be adventurous! Be bold! Don't shy away from bright colors just because you are more of a neutral dresser. Mix and match brights and you will be amazed at how well it all works.

3. The Necklace
The Look: Bold, gem-encrusted and goddess collar-like, this season's necklace is definitely not for the faint of heart. Chunky and ethnic-looking, drawing inspiration from Greek and Egyptian goddesses, these necklaces are definite show-stoppers so, ladies, please make sure you have a few of them.
How to wear it: As this statement piece creates a collar, it is best worn with dresses with low V-necks, tubes and halter necks. Again, remember that this is a statement piece worn best with something very simple and elegant.
Where to wear it: For daytime use, go with more woody, earthy-looking collars; at night, you can be as ornate as you desire, transforming yourself into an instant goddess.

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