Mars Sausage

41, WuQuan(Wuchuan) West 3rd St.
(04) 2371-2370
Hours: 10 am-9 pm (Closed only for spring break)

By Ivy Shih Translated by Teresa Cheng

   Greeted with a strange-looking tree and a garden full of bizarre plants, customers cannot help but wonder what in the world this "Mars Sausage" shop is. As they soon find out, Mars Sausages contain sour red beans, making them very flavorful. These sausages are best paired with some alcohol. To cater to all tastes, there are also Thousand-Year-Old Egg Sausages, Curry Sausages and Superman Cow Stomach Sausages. The amount of herbs in the Superman Sausage is just right, allowing enough of the cow stomach flavor to come through. Served thinly sliced, it really is quite delicious. Besides sausages, Mars Eggs--with a generous amount of jasmine flavoring--are sold. The pig knuckles, slathered with Italian herbs, are also worth a taste. To complete your meal, pair any one of the many dishes with a bottle of Belgian Westmalle beer or Alishan's Lemon Jelly. Every product also has its own mascot: the cow stomach dishes are represented by a horned-superhero, the lemon jelly drink by a fairy and, of course, the Mars Sausage by an incredibly handsome superhero. The sausages are preservative-free, ready-to-eat, and sold in boxes costing NT$75 to NT$100.

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