Yuen Lu Jing Hwa Creative Chinese Clothing

53, Wuchuen West Third St
(04) 2372-7869
Hours:11am - 9 pm (Closed Sundays)

   The world is still going through an Oriental-crazed clothing phase and the one thing a hipster cannot be seen without is a piece of traditional Chinese clothing. However, the image conjured up upon hearing the words "traditional Chinese clothing" is of qipaos (women's traditional Chinese dress) and martial arts ensembles which, although beautiful, are generally not suitable for everyday wear. This month's "Shopping Place" takes you to Yuen Lu Jing Hwa Creative Chinese Clothing, promising Chinese clothing that is suitable and fashionable for all settings.
At Yuen Lu Jing Hwa, everything from the fabric selection to sewing is carefully done by owner/designer Yuen-Cheng Chang. Customers do not need to worry about sizing and quality as designer Chang breaks from the traditional red fabric clothing and uses quality fabric from Milan, complemented with buttons made from natural turquoise, coral or seashells. On top of all that, hand-painted flowers are drawn on to the fabric. This fusion of modernity fashion and creativity is quite tasteful.

   Yuen Lu Jing Hwa emphasizes everyday lifestyle clothing, allowing customers not to have to worry about only getting to wear their outfit only once in a while. For example, a full-length qipao can be worn in the summer as it lacks sleeves and as autumn comes around a layer of fabric can be added to the insides of the qipao and then a layer of wool for winter. The qipaos can be complemented with a denim jacket and boots, guaranteeing instant style. Two-piece ensembles are even easier to mix and match as you can wear it together as a matching set or separately with other articles of clothing.

   As far as prices go, a full-length dress will set you back around NT$6000 to NT$30,000, depending on the fabric and accessories and two-piece ensembles run around NT$8000 to NT$12,000. For separate pieces such as a skirt, shirt or pants, items are ranged around NT$2000 to NT$5000. The store also offers unique accessories such as coral and leather necklaces and jade earrings, giving you yet another chance to mix and match. If you are looking for style with personal flair, you will find it at Yuen Lu Jing Hwa Creative Chinese Clothing.

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