Carrefour (Taichung Central Branch)

(04) 2223-6677
186, FuXing (Fu Shing) Road, section 4, B1 (Taichung Central)
Hours:9 am-11 pm

   Although this latest branch of the Carrefour hypermarket chain is the fourth in Taichung city, it stands out from the crowd by introducing Carrefour's brand-new "fourth-generation" concepts in design and layout. This very attractive 3,000-ping store, located on the B1 and B2 levels of Taichung Central shopping center, provides a much-improved shopping experience, thanks to a very spacious-looking layout, attractive new Chinese/English signage throughout the store, improved lighting systems and new or enhanced departments. Most departments are color coded to stand out from each other--for example, the electronics are is blue, the fresh-food area is green and special promotions are yellow. The B1 level focuses on non-food items, from clothing and camping to a classy Issimo jewelry counter. Among interesting additions are DVD movie and music CD preview stations that allow customers to watch/listen before purchasing. The B2 food level is enormous, including a very sizable Fresh Market section. There is a big Sushi Station, butchery, "Ready to Each" section, and a very impressive live seafood area that includes live crabs, lobsters, frogs, eels, turtles, fish, clams and other creatures. Another addition is the provision of three free electric shopping vehicles for the handicapped. Naturally, plenty of parking is available in the basement of Taichung Central. --By Douglas Habecker, Translated by Uvia Chang

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