Sandwiches' Cookbook

    With summertime and hot weather here, there's never a better time to enjoy the light, refreshing meal or snack that a sandwich can provide. Chinese Daily News food writer and reporter Lin Li-chuan has cooperated with Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taichung) Dessert Chef Chen Chi-yang and his team of chefs to create a new Chinese/English recipe book for sandwiches that Taiwanese and foreigners will find very useful. The 105-page book, nicely illustrated with plenty of color photos, provides instructions for creating 33 different sandwiches, categorized according to bread type--white, French, hamburger buns, pita bread, and fajita tortillas. Sandwiches range from traditional favorites like the Club Sandwich to numerous other varieties, like Cucumber Curry Rolls, Italian Ham Honeydew Sandwich, Peking Duck Sandwich, Middle East Lamb Pita Pockets, and the Colonnade. Readers are introduced to sandwich-making with a full list of ingredients; recipes for making mayonnaise, tartar sauce, avocado spread and other sauces; and a Q-and-A section on sandwich questions, from mixing ingredients to choosing healthy lettuce. "Sandwiches" is part of Pica Publishing House's "Home Sweet Home" series and is available at most major bookstores for NT$180. Information: Contact Pica Publishing House at (02) 2705-7118, or pica@hanhow.com.tw

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