Nell's Home for the spirit

6, JingCheng 2nd St.
(04) 2310-0836
Hours: 15:00~24:00

    Nell has a passion. Faced with a sea of mass-produced, look-alike products, she set out to build a home for products and people of unique spirit. Situated in a house just off of Jing Cheng Road (across from La Bodega), Nell's is recognizable for its green garden and cozy nook look. Over nearly two years, her project has expanded and grown in interesting directions:

Nell's Shop (1F)
    The starting point of Nell's Great Project, the shop features a wide range of goods including jewelry, clothing, incense, decorations, lamps and so forth. Most items are bought by Nell on her travels and many of the goods are handmade works from Southeast Asia. Nell's shop also supports some local artists, displaying their works for sale in shop area.

Nell's Gallery (2F)
    While the shop helps to keep Nell's Home and those who make the products afloat, the gallery puts on shows of artists' works for the benefit of the Taichung arts scene. Shows run for several weeks (for details of upcoming shows, check Arts & Culture "What's On" listings on pgs. 52-53 of this magazine).

Rooftop Theatre (3F)
    Introduced by COMPASS last summer, the Rooftop Theatre on the top floor is a performance space and classroom for a variety of alternative and grassroots activities. There is a reasonably large performance space and a lighting booth. The seating area uses cushions in place of chairs, which is comfortable and relaxing as long as the crowd isn't too large. Current classes include yoga and capoeira dance. (See Arts & Culture "What's On" for upcoming performances.)

Nell's Cafe (outside)
    The cozy enclosed garden entrance is the setting for the cafe area, and is the perfect setting to look over your purchases or discuss the art, show or class you have just experienced. A range of teas and coffees are available at a reasonable NT$50 to NT$60, bottled beers are NT$90, and smoothies are NT$60. The food menu includes bagels and cream cheese (NT$50~65), sandwiches (including a sub sandwich set for NT$120) and variety of rice and noodle dishes.

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