Shiseido Men Product Series (Powering on in May)

    What kind of care does a man's face need? According to a survey by Shiseido Research Institute, "cleansing, hydrating, and oil control" are the three major issues for men. Two major prerequisites are "easy to use" and "refreshing smell." Therefore, Shiseido introduces a skincare program targeted at the unique skin properties of men. The "Total CE epidermis strengthening mechanism" full skincare theory breaks away from the passive idea of "hydrating when dehydrated and control oil when oily." The exclusive patented Damage Defense Complex fortifies the number of matured CE (Cornified Envelope) and actively enhance the self-defense and self-repairing functions of the skin. The Shiseido Men Product Series ranges from the common cleansing foam to the highly functional revitalizer. Products are priced NT$700 to NT$1900. Basic skincare can be completed in two minutes with the two "cleansing + hydrating" steps. And then, based on individual needs, "troubled areas" such as oily zones, dark circles, aging, and coarseness, can be fortified with the four special function products. The straightforward skincare regimen is divided into Daily Care and Special Care. All the products are hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested.

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