By Rita Huang
Translated by Kevin Lax

* Siemens Xelibri 3 Mobile Phone
Suggested Retail: Euro$399
Manufacturer: Seimens

It is obvious that the design of the latest Xelibri series from Siemens has but one goal in mind ¡V to turn cell phones into fashion accessories. Out of the 4 models the Xelibri 3 especially stands out as it does not even have a number pad on the phone.

Categorized as a ¡§personal communication device¡¨, or PCD, Xelibri 3 is completely voice controlled. You say ¡§call¡¨ and the phone calls out for you. A dual band GSM phone, Xelibri 3 fortunately has not sacrificed phone functions for good looks. It has backlit navigation keys, polychord ringtones, a 5-line FSTN display, call lists, and supports SMS and EMS. For its voice controls features, the Xelibri 3 supports speaker independent digit dialing, and speaker dependent name dialing. The package comes with a necklace and headset.

*Explorer Globe 
Suggested Retail: US$100
Manufacturer: LeapFrog

One of the hottest toys this year is the Explorer Globe by LeapFrog. It¡¦s not just a globe with geographical information on it, but an interactive globe that talks back to you with all that information, once you touch it with a specially equipped digital pen.

Aimed at children 8 years and older, the Explorer Globe has two basic modes ¡V the learning mode and the quizzing mode. The child can select one of the 10 learning modes using a dial, learning the names of the different countries, their population, currency, capitol, the flying distance and time between countries, etc.. There are also 6 quizzes, testing the child¡¦s knowledge of countries, capitols, etc.. The fun part about the globe is that it can be played alone or with 3 other friends, and the difficulty level can be adjusted as needed, creating a total interactive experience, and learning geography can be just as fun.

*Unsana product

Taiwan's air, water and soil have been sacrificed for economic development, and Taiwan's population is now paying a terrible price. Cancer is now the leading cause of premature death. Every 11 minutes someone new is diagnosed as suffering from cancer. Fortunately, new to Taiwan is a company called Usana. Hands down the most well-rounded nutritional supplement on the market, the Essentials fuel your body with the micronutrients it needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, and antioxidants make the Essentials a must for anyone interested in genuine health. Contact numbers: Taoyuan: (03) 356-1345, Taipei: 0921-612-896, Taichung: 0932-857-284.

*GOLGEMMA SA hydrosol

Most users of essence have heard of hydrosol. A number of clinical tests of hydrosol have shown it to be very effective in terms of health both physical and mental. Aromatherapy expert Nicole said that hydrosol products on the market are constantly proliferating, but most products don't have a good understanding of consumers' needs. Here is her simple introduction to hydrosol: "GOLGEMMA SA hydrosol is the water-soluble material acquired during the distillation of organic plants from the south of France to extract their essence. It has health properties and is a natural skin refresher which can be directly sparyed onto the skin or face. It can also be added to bath ater to purify the water. Its mild, non-alcohol containing qualities give a mild and long-lasting affect." Hydrosol is different to plant essence in that because it doesn't contain alcohol it will go mouldy eventually. The shelf life of this pure cream is about one year after opening. Basic use method is spray, smell, wipe and swallow. Call MAURY aromatherapy TRADING CO., LTD. at (02) 2571-0695, (04) 2237-1758 for more details.

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