By Rita Huang
Translated by Kevin Lax

*Shopping for movies has just gotten a lot more fun

It's the weekend and you want to see a movie, but you can't decide which one. Let MK1 help you out. MK stands for "movie kiosk," and allows you to view more than 100 movie trailers, including new releases, action films, dramas and comedies, before renting or buying a DVD.
Abacus Entertainment, the company behind MK1, has partnered with Deltamac, Taiwan's leading home-video distributor, to begin rolling out the system, initially to major video retail outlets such as Asia 1, Fnac, Carrefour, Costco, and Rose Records.
So what are the expectations for MK1 in Taiwan? Rafael Bellavita, chairman and CEO of Abacus, says that: "My dream is that we take the DVD market to the next level, meaning that video sales surpass box-office sales."
However, MK1 is not expected to hurt box-office sales, as part of the content includes theatrical releases. Bellavita notes that, "It is the first time that one medium brings together video and theatrical releases. Usually the theatrical promotion and video promotion efforts of the studios are separate. I am the one bringing the two sides together in a kind of triangle. I understand that the consumers that go to theaters are not different from the consumers that rent and buy DVDs."
He adds that, "Movies are so subjective, and that is why the MK1 is so powerful. It is not telling you what to buy. It is providing a way for you to choose what you like and what you want to see." --By Cheryl Robbins

* 10-Minute Hot and Cold Facial Therapy

Facial masks are all the rage these days, an essential item in our daily skincare regimen and for emergency touchups. To satisfy current timesaving needs, a facial mask that massages while nourishing the skin has been introduced. N¢X7, from England's Boots, has two facial therapies that will, in five minutes, improve facial blood circulation and remove deposits to fully cleanse the skin. Simply wet the Daily V Purifying Sauna Mask, massage lightly avoiding the sensitive and fragile areas around the eyes, and wait five minutes to rinse off the mask. Then, apply the Daily V Intensive Moisture Mask for five minutes to rehydrate the skin. The hot and cold applications will rejuvenate fatigued and dehydrated skin.
The deep-cleansing, auto-heating Daily V Purifying Sauna Mask should be used once or twice a week. It will absorb excess oil, and refresh the skin for a radiant feel. The Daily V Intensive Moisture Mask's fortified, nourishing formula will provide nourishment to tired skin, making the skin feel extra silky. --By Rita Huang.

*Nokia 6108

The three band Nokia 6108, with its inner key handwriting input function, was designed in Nokia's Beijing product Design Center, especially for Chinese message senders in the Asia-Pacific market. It is set to hit the market this summer (after June.) It also supports handwriting and keyboard input. All users have to do is open up the keyboard and they can use the inner key handwriting board. Another very attractive feature is the Eng-Ch/Ch-Eng. dictionary. The color screen supports 4096 color and the new generation WAP XHTML, making your on-line experience more lifelike. It also supports Java games and application program downloading. At the same time the handset also supports handwriting and keyboard inputted personal management support notes, email, appointment book and a large capacity phone book. Simultaneous renewal can be carried out through the Internet. In addition, the electronic wallet function makes it convenient for the user to peruse the shopping information on the WAP and make payment by designated credit card. The Nokia Camera Headset can also be attached. The Nokia 6108 handset is only 98 grams and can be used for 3-7 hours of continual calls. Waiting time is 170-410 hours. It comes in three colors. ¡V By Selena Huang

*Multi-function beaty device

This multi function beauty device is based on the principles of skin cell movement and metabolism. It is a state-of- the-art scientific beauty device designed to accurately analyze the skin's structure and effect. It uses ultra violet light, low frequency waves and ultra sound waves to exercise the skin, promoting deep skin cleanliness and this giving you soft and delicate skin.
At the same time the skin is provided with the nourishment it needs, leading to a thorough improvement in skin quality, giving you healthy and glowing skin. The main design principles are as follows:
Deep cleansing
The cleansing effect of ultra violet light and low frequency waves are used to dissolve and remove surface skin and dirt in the foll
Toning & firming
Through the exercise effect of low frequency waves the skin is made more flexible.
Suction nutrition
From a basic level, the skin structure's flexibility is increased, allowing youthful and beautiful skin to be retained
Gives new vitality to aged skin
Ultra sonic
Through million of vibrations a second, the metabolism, lympthokinesis and blood circulation are stimulated
-- By Rita Huang

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