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      Information arranged by Selena Huang (¶À«ºµÓ)
Translated by Yvonne Chen (³¯¨|ªÚ)

*Hope Plant

¡§Hope Plant¡¨ is a charity brand created by Amway, St. Coletta¡¦s Training Center for Developmentally Delayed Youths, and the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation. Its first product, the ¡§Bring-Along¡¨ bag, made by people with disabilities at the Sunshine Foundation and the St. Coletta¡¦s Training Center, is a beautiful multi-purpose bag that can be worn as a shoulder bag or as a handbag. In purchasing the bag, one is giving and providing them a job opportunity as well as showing acceptance. Bag orders are accepted any time because this group of disabled people is always ready to go to work and start production. Company and team logos may be sewn on the product with any order of 500 or more. Proceeds from all sales are donated to the Sunshine Foundation for their physical rehabilitation fund and to the ¡§Sanctuary Plant¡¨ ran by the St. Coletta¡¦s Training Center for Developmentally Delayed Youths.

*The Blythe Doll

A hot item that doll collectors around the world are wildly chasing after, the ¡§Blythe¡¨, is now available in this country. Blythe fans no longer have to trot to Japan or the U.S., or participate in on-line auctions. Other than the head being disproportional to the body, big eyes are also characteristic traits of Blythe dolls. Every model of the 12-inch doll comes with a drawstring on its back that changes the big eyes of the doll to four different colors and directions. Each model has a different hair color. The fun lies in personally designing clothes and changing the look of the doll. The Blythe doll originally went on sale in the U.S. market in 1972, but production ended a year later. In 1999, Blythe was the spokesfigure for Japan¡¦s Parcos Department Store Christmas activities and became an overnight craze across Japan. Because each Blythe model is a one-time production, with limited quantities, it is no wonder that every release results in a purchasing frenzy.

* Travel Sound MP3 
The Travel Sound MP3 player is not only a fine portable speaker system but functions as a MP3 music player as well, a complete integration of a recorder with a portable disk device. It features a built-in 32MB memory that lets the user to store his or her favorite digital music. The system has an internal Smart Media memory slot for memory expansion and is also equipped with a digital amplifier design that allows for 12 hours of optimal speaker performance without exhausting the power. The Creative Travel Sound MP3 is also a digital recorder that can store up to two hours of recording through a hidden microphone. Using a USB cable connected to the USB port of a computer, you can use a computer to copy files to memory or delete existing files. Manage all your MP3 files with ease and let good music follow wherever you go.
* Philips PSA 
Nike and Philips have teamed up to create this joint-venture walkman. This new product comes in five models with suggested retail prices ranging from NT$2,990 to NT$10,900. This new-model walkman combines the comfort of Nike with the advanced technology of Philips. It is comfortable to wear and controlled by touch, without the need to look at the buttons. The five models include two MP3 walkmans, two CD players and one FM radio. The MP3 player battery lasts nine hours in standby mode and can play two hours of continuous near CD quality music. For added convenience, the USB interface can quickly download on-line music onto the walkman. With the PSA CD 12 and PSA CD 8, consumers can choose, according to their needs, to play an 8-cm or 12-cm walkman and also personalize their music. The FM radio that downloads music from CDs is more affordably priced. Users can also purchase an arm strap or a butterfly clip separately to facilitate use during sports activities.
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