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      Translated by Melanie Hou

*Kymco Venox250

The Kymco Venox 250 combines the free wheeling spirit of American road bikes with high tech systems. The fuel gauge and farring designs are nostalgic reminders of the past, yet the lightweight titanium construction makes for smooth sailing. "Easy riders" can experience extreme speed and stable road handling thanks to the water-cooled V model double DOHC 8 gear engine. Moreover, the unique TPS filler cap sensor starting system will maintain responsiveness by keeping gears in top notch working condition. Whether it's a slow go or a high-speed ride, you'll have a great time on this cycle. Price: $185,000 NT.

*Kymco Grand Dink 250

Since Kymco launched the Grand Dink into the European market, this machine has stood out from the competition. International critics have given it top ratings; the Grand Dink 250 was awarded number one in the GT Series by the French "Planete 125 & Scooter" in 2001. Apart from excellent applications, it includes a long lasting gears, a safe brake function, an all-functional anti-theft system and responsive controls. The Grand Dink 250 is a definite fit in the Kymco Dink family and is guaranteed to bring total enjoyment and satisfaction to GT players in Taiwan. Price: $145,000 NT.

*Kymco Ego 250
The Ego 250 has a streamline, modern look and an advanced personal electronic system making this a perfect choice for the new generation¡¦s sports bike riders. Weighing only 153 kg (approx. 382.5 lbs), the Ego has a horsepower of 18.5 for super performance and immediate acceleration. The sturdy construction provides excellent stability. Furthermore, the LCD display screen and digital start-up system satisfies the new generation¡¦s heavy-duty bike riders with great expectations. Price: $125,000 NT.
*YAMAHA Majesty 250
The Majesy 250, imported from Japan, is a combination of art and technology. An aerodynamic design and a sporty analogue speedometer gives the Yamaha Majesty a high class appearance. This bike also contains a high-tech, water-cooled engine, an adjustable double suspension (7 degrees) and disc brakes. This energy efficient high function exhaust system provides a positive boost to the island's environment. Also included is a remote control anti-theft device. Price: NT$198,000.
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