COMPASS MAGAZINE, September 2004

16 TaiChung Attractions

-National Museum of Natural Science and Botanical Gardens
1, GuanChien Rd.
(04) 2322-6940, 2328-5328 (Botanical Gardens)
Hours: 8:30 am-5 pm (closed Mondays)
General Admission: NT$100(National Museum of Natural Science) / NT$20(Botanical Gardens)
-National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
2, WuQuan W. Rd.
(04) 2372-3552
Hours: 8:30 am-5 pm (closed Mondays)
General Admission: free (till December)
This spacious museum is home to the world's largest collection of Taiwanese art, displayed via regular exhibitions. Frequent visiting exhibitions for local and international art are also held.
-Taichung Folklore Park
73, LuShun Rd., sec. 2
(04) 2245-1310
Hours: 8:30 am-5 pm (closed Mondays)
General Admission: NT$50/adult, NT$10/child
This attractive, quiet park includes a traditional, fully-furnished Fujian province home, traditional farmhouse, a basement exhibition hall of traditional household items, a recreated traditional shopping street selling folk products, and various pavilions.
-Taichung Park
37-1, GongYuan Rd.
(04) 2222-4174
Established during the Ching Dynasty, this park is located at the heart of old Taichung and is the city's most enduring landmark. Main features include a small row-boating lake, fronted by pavilions built during the Japanese colonial era, winding walkways and various pavilions.
-Feng Chia Night Market/Shopping District
Around intersection of FuXing and Feng Chia roads
The large area surrounding Feng Chia University has become one of Taichung's liveliest shopping districts and night markets. The main roads and side streets are packed with shops, vendors stalls, restaurants, cafes and teahouses catering to a younger crowd.
-International Art Street
GuoJi St.
This peaceful, quaint-looking neighborhood--located near Tunghai University and the Taichung Metro Park--is popular for its eclectic mix of cute cafes, teahouses, art shops and restaurants.
-Jing Ming First Street ("Cafe Street")
Long popular with residents and visitors, this pedestrian-only street creates a European atmosphere, with its sidewalk cafes and teahouses, attractive shops and street artists. It is conveniently located within the Taichung Gang Road business/shopping district.
-Taichung Electronics Street
Minzu Rd., Luchuan W. St., JungShan Rd., Central District
For over 20 years, this cross-shaped network of alleys, in old Taichung near the railroad station, has drawn technophiles with its many shops selling electronic products, including computer and hi-fi equipment.
-Confucius Temple & Martyr's Shrine
30, ShuangShr Rd., sec. 2
(04) 2233-2266 (temple), 2233-2264 (shrine)
Temple hours: 9 am-5 pm (closed Mondays)
Taichung's peaceful Confucian Temple features impressive, rectangular Sung Dynasty-style structures, surrounded by spacious courtyards and a garden. Next door, the Martyr's Shrine--edicated to patriotic heroes--includes a large gateway and cypress-lined walkway.
-Taichung Metropolitan Park
30-3 Hsiping Rd., Hsitun District (park admin. office)
(04) 2461-2483
Hours: 8 am-6 pm
Taiwan's largest metropolitan park sits astride the Taichung city/county line on top of Dadu Mountain, providing a panoramic eastward view of the entire city and westward view of the coast. The 88-hectare park includes a wide variety of walking paths, ponds, green areas and Tourist Service Center.
-Stock 20 Art Gallery
6-6, Lane 37, FuXing Rd., sec. 4
(04) 2220-9972
Hours: Tue-Sun10:00am – 6:00pm, Fri&Sat closed at 9:00pm
(closed Mondays)
Converted from old railroad warehouses at Taichung's train station, Stock 20 provides gallery areas for regular exhibitions of modern and installation art, plus a cafe. Adjacent ex-warehouses serve as artist studios, which are often open to the public.
-Jung Hua Night Market
Around intersection of JungHua and GongYuan roads
Active from dusk until about 2 a.m.
Taichung's oldest night market is located near the Taichung Park and includes a colorful assortment of roadside stands selling all manner of items, from local food to clothing.
-Taichung Cultural Center
The city's spacious cultural center--adjacent to the National Museum of Fine Arts--holds regular local art exhibitions and other events in its galleries and halls. Outside is a network of tree-lined walking paths.
-Jingkuo Boulevard-People's Square
This attractive tree and sculpture lined green belt stretches 1.3 kilometers through the heart of the Taichung Gang Road business district. It starts at the Museum of Natural Science and ends at the Museum of Fine Arts, passing People's Square along the way.
-Feng Le Sculpture Park
At intersection of Hsianghsin S. and WenXin S. 5th roads
(04) 2386-5500
Located in Taichung's Nantun district, this newer, six-hectare park is known for its 50+ prize-winning outdoor sculptures and includes walking paths, a large pond and plenty of green areas.
-Taichung Jade Market
651, WenXin Rd., sec. 2
Hours: 9 am-7 pm Friday-Sunday
Open three days a week, the city's main jade market is conveniently located in a large building by the WenXin/TaichungGang roads intersection. Dozens of vendors sell all manner of jade, jewelry, antiques, pottery, paintings and other decorative and artistic products.


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