Taichung Best Beef Noodles

By Douglas Habecker

When it comes to basic Chinese food, beef noodles are near the top of the list of favorite dishes for Chinese and foreigners alike. On a cool fall or winter day, there is almost nothing better than a big steaming bowl of noodles and broth, together with chunks of beef and some vegetables, to chase the chill away.

Taichung, like any city on the island, is filled with dozens, if not hundreds, of beef noodle (nio rou mien) eateries, providing an almost-endless supply of options to explore. Most of them are at least trying once with individual establishments often featuring their own unique variations on the basic theme.

This month, Restaurant Round-Up has provided three beef noodle restaurants which differ from each other in specific ways but are all excellent.

1. Bei Fang Hand-Cut Noodles

2. 369 Snack Bar

3. San Shang Chao Fu Beef Noodles




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