The Spice Shop 2 Indian Restaurant

The Spice Shop 2 Indian Restaurant

105 Kung Cheng Rd
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When I first visited Fred's Spice Shop in 1995, it was in a back alley down below the Art museum. It wasn't a fantastic looking place, but people loved it because it was the first foreign food that wasn't "western" in Taichung. The food was authentic and the prices were reasonable. Well since then Fred opened a second location in 1996 (across from the Grand Formosa) which has more of a restaurant feel to it, but because the place isn't very big he hasn't been able to accommodate all the customers that want to eat there. With the recent opening of Spice Shop 2 that shouldn't be a problem anymore.

With over 11 main courses not including the vegetarian dishes (another 7) the menu has a large selection of some great Indian dishes, with everything from vegetarian to seafood and even lots of red meat for full on carnivores. Some of my favorites include Chicken Tikka Masala (Roasted Boneless Chicken in a light sauce) NT$250, Shrimp Madras (shrimp in a coconut sauce) NT$250, Beef Curry NT$220 and Palak Paneer (Spinach cooked with Cottage Cheese) NT$140.


The Naan (Indian Bread) is served fresh and is really large for NT$40. Some of the appetizers are almost enough to make a meal for light eaters among my favorites are Samosas (Triangle shaped Vegetable Curry Puffs) 3 per order NT$60 and Raita (a refreshing Yogurt Salad) NT$70. There is the usual soft drink menu and also "Snapple" but as a special treat you might want to try a Lassi (yogurt drink) or Spiced Hot Milk Tea both for NT$70. The Spice Shop 2 Indian Restaurant

Spice Shop 2 is located at the bottom end of "peoples square" (the park across from the Top Mall), on the opposite side from the (soon to be built) Intercontinental Hotel. The first thing you will notice when you walk in is the size and décor of the place, this is a big departure from the back alley restaurant that I first associated Spice Shop with. The restaurant is a single floor split-level design, which has been very tastefully arranged with some beautiful prints and other decorative objects from India on the walls. There is seating to handle over 50 customers and the tables are spread out so that you won't feel crowded even when the restaurant is full. I think any of you who have been to the older Spice Shops will find the atmosphere at this new location really refreshing and of course the food, as great as it has been. For those of you who haven't, now with two locations you have only yourself to blame.

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