COMPASS MAGAZINE, September 2007.

Taichung City's new emblem represents
strength and beauty
New Emblem, New Flag and New Image

Words and pictures by Taichung City Goverment
Translated by Sho Huang

Using the Taichung Park pavilions as the main image, Taichung City's new logo represents the city's strength and beauty. The pavilion's powerful lines symbolize Taichung's ambition of becoming an international metropolitan city.

The new Taichung city emblem was launched at a ceremony that included a remote-controlled helicopter show and explosion of a large, golden ball. Mayor Hu said that the new emblem symbolized the youth, energy, creativity and work ethic of the city, and was completely void of a political agenda.

The Unveiling Ceremony
The emblem, a product of cooperation between Ling Tung University and LiLuo PR Agency, was officially introduced to the public on August 1. During a well-organized ceremony, remote-controlled helicopters flew in a flag bearing the new emblem as well as the flags of Taichung's sister cities. The helicopters, made and piloted by Taichung's own, internationally-renowned Thunder Tiger Company, flew flawlessly and landed exactly where they were supposed to, showing skill of the operators. It was an impressive show. After the small fleet flew in the colors, Mayor Hu, city councilors and a few guests ignited a golden ball, which exploded as the new city emblem was revealed in a sea of floating balloons and thundering applause.

A symbolic logo
In a speech made after the new emblem was revealed, Mayor Hu explained that it not only reflected on the city's citizens, but also its government, adding that it symbolized the energy and creativity of the Taichung City Government team as well as the determination to serve its citizens under the supervision of the city's councilors. The emblem hopefully embodies the goals of the city government, Hu explained; it should reflect an impeccable work ethic and a will to serve the people with efficiency and creativity. He further noted that using the park pavilion in the design had nothing to do with political issues or party preferences. The base color, yellow, was chosen to represent youth. The lines of the roof represent growing development. Chosen to appeal to young people, the emblem will hopefully give the city have a more youthful attitude.

Taichung City Government's vision
The city Information Bureau said the new emblem used the historical Taichung Park Pavilion as its main theme and gave it a new energy. The strong simple lines of the pavilion show its beautiful shape and the rising roof lines indicate Taichung City's goal of becoming an international metropolitan city. It is Taichung City Government's vision to work closely together with its citizens toward an international-minded Taichung.