Romance along Taichung's JingGuo Boulevard

Information provided by Taichung City Government
Photos and Words by Li Yu-Qi Translated by Cara Steenstra

Over the years, the Taichung city government has made every endeavour to improve local development, and efforts in beautifying the city streets can be witnessed everywhere. Encircling Taichung like an emerald necklace, a near-dozen parkways play an important part in the recreational lives of residents. Amongst them, the JingGuo Boulevard parkway and surrounding areas distill the essence of good living, particularly at night, when neon street signs glitter together with the warm lights from surrounding homes, creating a rather romantic atmosphere.

The most popular commercial district along the JingGuo Parkway--which itself stretches from BoGuan Road all the way to People's Square--is the area between BoGuan Road and TaiZhongGang (Taichung Harbor) Road. This is partly because the famed National Museum of Natural Science is situated right here. Here, there are always many exhibits and activities and the parkway fronting the museum is also a frequent venue for many outdoor exhibits. As a result, during weekdays and holidays, there are always students on field trips, families enjoying a day out and other groups traveling through from all over Taiwan. Naturally, these visitors bring great plenty of commercial opportunities to businesses in the area.

All daily-life conveniences can be found around JingGuo Boulevard, stretching between TaiZhongGang and GongYi roads. Several banks and many restaurants are found here. The Hotel National, a long-established landmark, and the newer Splendor Hotel provide accommodations for both business and tourist travelers alike. Area businesses like Sogo Department Store, various boutiques, eateries and international dining establishments not only add convenience for residents, but have also increased real estate values here. Many foreign residents have chosen to live in the neighborhood and high-end residential developments have sprung up like young shoots in the springtime.

People's Square is another very popular destination in Taichung City. The nearby NOVA electronics mall draws shoppers seeking the latest in computer-related products and technology. This popularity in turn has drawn many other businesses--mostly selling computers, cell phones and high-tech-related items--to the surrounding area.
With all of the above-mentioned advantages and its centrally located geographical situation, it is no wonder that the JingGuo Boulevard area remains one of the most sought-after, admired residential and commercial areas in Taichung.