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COMPASS MAGAZINE , November 2013

Vanilla Air's first Tokyo-Taipei flight
The limited preferable
Campaign price available on
December 4 only costs NT$380
(before tax) for one way trips,
and NT$1,888 for round trips.

Vanilla Air's first Tokyo-Taipei flight

Words and photos by Josie
Translated by Angel Pu

The very anticipated Vanilla Airlines has finally released its flight schedule and pricing, with ticket sales becoming available on December 4. Established in Chiba, Japan, Vanilla Airlines is a low cost carrier 100% funded by ANA. This new airline has gone fully operational since November, 1, 2013 from Narida Airport, and it’s set to add international routes in the future. From December 20, there will be one flight from Tokyo (Narida) to Taipei (Taoyuan) every day, and 2 flights a day after January 29, 2014.

Domestic routes, such as Tokyo (Narida) – Okinawa (Naha), will be available December 20, and Tokyo (Narida) – Sapporo (New Chitose) will be added to the routes January 29, 2014. For other international routes, Tokyo (Narida) – Seoul (Incheon) will be available March, 1, 2014.

There are 3 kinds of prices now, including Inclusive, Simple, and Campaign. Inclusive: free of checked baggage allowance up to 20 kg, no charge seat assignment fees, and refundable with cancel fee (rescheduling fee NT$150, cancellation fee NT$900); NT$3,750 up. Simple: free of checked baggage allowance up to 20 kg, rescheduling is available but no cancellation (rescheduling fee NT$600); NT$3,000 up. And the most popular and preferable Campaign costs the least but the seats are very limited. Checked baggage costs NT$450 and no cancellation. In addition, Inclusive and Simple offers 10% off for groups of over 4 passengers. Infants one way ticket price NT$450. For Japan domestic routes, passengers can purchase or reschedule the tickets no later than 40 minutes before flight, and for international routes, no later than 60 minutes before flight.

Website: http://www.vanilla-air.com/tw

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