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Tanyashen Green Bikeway

Tanyashen Green Bikeway

Tanyashen Green Bikeway

Tanyashen Green Bikeway

An Afternoon of Leisure at Tanyashen Green Bikeway (Part I)

By Lishea Zheng Translated by Ann Lee

April is a great month to go outdoors and re-connect with nature, and Compass Magazine has just the place for you to explore and get into--with your bicycle that is.

In recent years, the Taichung County Government has developed several well-planned biking trials; mostly near rural areas with verdant scenery. Creating these bikeways encourages people to sneak in a little out-of-town getaway and relax while pedaling past sunset-lit farms and rice paddies. One of these bicycle paths is Tanyashen Green Bikeway; known for its smooth and long-stretching ride, the path is perfect for cyclists of all ages and skill levels. Workers from the Transportation and Tourism Bureau have planted an abundance of flowers and plants along both sides of the path, which makes a more pleasant and vibrant ride.

Tanyashen Parkway starts from Tanzhih Township's JhongShan Road. Every tire rotation pushes you past glades full of Mountain Ebony Orchids; the little purple flowers blend perfectly with the rural scenery. The bike path takes you to Daya township, where flowering Golden Showers can be seen everywhere. In all, this beautifully established biking trial stretches almost 12 kilometers.

If you visit the area with your own bike, then you'll have no problem cruising around wherever you want to go. If you need to find a rental shop, however, there is one located on DaFong Road in Shengang (on the corner of Taichung City's ChongDe Road). After renting a bike, most people usually ride straight onto the bridge towards Daya, although some like to go in the opposite direction and ride towards Tanzhih. It will be an easy route no matter which direction you go, as both rides are smooth and relatively flat. Don't worry about how much time you take, either--the rental cost is not dependent on time.

Daya Parkway is located close to the Taichung CCK Airport and part of the biking path used to be an actual runway. Because of its proximity to both civilian and military airspace, it is typical to see all types of aircraft flying overhead; it's not a bad idea to stop and watch for a few minutes. From this area, you also have a great vantage point of three old tanks, two railways used in earlier military days, and two pavilions.

Tanyashen Green Bikeway is open to the public for leisure rides any time throughout the week and weekend. In the next issue, we will be telling you about a more challenging biking path, meant to be ridden by more experienced cycling-enthusiasts.

For more information, check out the Taichung County Tour Guide website at: http://tt.taichung.gov.tw

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