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Dahu strawberries





Hot Springs & Strawberry Delights in Dahu

The Fruit King of Taiwan -Dahu Strawberries

This year, the Council of Agriculture held a "Top 10 Indigenous Fruits of Taiwan" event from July to October. After a close, delicious competition, the crown went to Dahu strawberries. All of the officials from the council strongly recommended this classic fruit, the newly crowned 'King of Taiwanese fruit," to people all over the island. Dahu have been grown for almost 50 years; over this time, local farmers have gone through a painstaking process of breeding and selection. The result of their hard work is a high-yield, large, brightly colored, sweet strawberry variety.

In Dadu, the agricultural association has a few new goals for themselves, such as strengthening their fruit brands and refining the area's agriculture industry. In 1992, the association created the "Miaoli County, Dahu Area Agricultural & Leisure Winery". Today, this winery houses a wine-making center, a tasting room, and a cultural center devoted to their unique fruit. The strawberry and plum wines produced there have won island-wide gold medals and awards, and visitors are always keen on trying these delicious fruit wines.

Every Chinese New Year while the strawberries are blossoming, the association takes the opportunity to host a series of strawberry-related events. This season's activities are family-friendly, so it is a good opportunity for children to learn something about agriculture during the holiday season. Although the strawberry season only lasts about four months, tourists who make their way out there always seem to go home with wonderful memories.

The Beautifying Hot Springs in Tai-An
Miaoli's famous Tai-An Hot Springs was first established during the Japanese colonial period. Back then, it was called "Shang-Dao Hot Springs". Later, because of its geography, the locals changed its name to "Hu-Shan Hot Springs". Finally, in 1978, late President Chiang Ching-kuo visited Tai-an township and renamed the spot "Tai-An Hot Springs".

The springs in Tai-An contain a low level of alkaline, which is full of sodium bicarbonate and the temperature varies between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius. After soaking in the water for just a few moments, your skin will start to feel slippery, shiny and clean. Because of this feeling, the pool here is also referred to as the "beauty spring". To provide a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for visitors, apart from the many hot spring hotels located near Wen-Shuei Creek, there are several hot springs wells in the Dahu area, most of which have been established in the last two years. In these areas, you will find a variety of hot springs lodges and public pools to enjoy.

Thanks to the express highways built in recent years, visitors find it much easier to get to this scenic spot. In Dahu township and Tai-An, there are all kinds of activities to take up a vacation day or two as this area is certainly becoming one of Taiwan's premier hot springs destinations.

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