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COMPASS MAGAZINE, November 2007.

The Lingering Mountains & Seas of Yu-Chang Highway (Part 2)

The Lingering Mountains & Seas of Yu-Chang Highway (Part 2)

山海情牽The Lingering Mountains & Seas of Yu-Chang Highway (Part 2)玉長公路 (下)

The Lingering Mountains & Seas of Yu-Chang Highway (Part 2)

The Lingering Mountains & Seas of Yu-Chang Highway (Part 2)

The Lingering Mountains & Seas of Yu-Chang Highway (Part 2)

The Lingering Mountains & Seas of Yu-Chang Highway (Part 2)

By Lishea Chen Translated by Ann Lee

After enjoying the ocean waves of the Pacific and the unique hot springs along the mountains and shoreline, it's time to explore beautiful scenery in the east coast valleys. Driving along Route 30 on the Yu-Chang Highway and merging on to Route 9 will take you directly from Yuli to Fuli.

Sixty Rock Mountain (Lioushihshan) in Hualien's Fuli Township
While driving along Route 9, road signs point you in the direction of industrial roads that head towards the mountains. Day lilies line the roads and scenic spots are in abundance. Yunmin Grange (雲閩農莊), one of the first overlooks, is an ideal spot to pull the car over and absorb the expansive view. A short diversion half-way up the mountain will lead you to the dwelling place of the Talanpo tribe; here you can enjoy some aboriginal music and dance performances.

Luye Gao-Tai in Luye Township
This spot offers activities, from tea garden tours to sky diving. After a vigorous day of adrenaline-pumping, plane-jumping action, you can check yourself in to the Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa, the newest hot springs hotel in town.

Open since August, the Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa(089-550-888) occupies 12 acres of land. Guests can expect to get a spectacular ocean experience during the winter, as well as enjoy colorful displays of cosmos and brassica campestris. After feasting on their generous dinners, you can enjoy a variety of shows, including a 40-minute octa choir performance or a dance show. There are even some family activities like leaf-weaving and bingo. Afterwards, you can mosey back to the hotel and relax in a comfortable spring. In the morning, get in on the breakfast buffet and enjoy the variety of food. The early hours offer a grand view of the mountains and surrounding environs.

Other Local Activities
The area is full of great places to ride. Rent a bike and explore the local lakes or take the around-the-island bike path in Guanshan--you'll find some prime locations for bird watching. In town, there is also a 32-acre waterpark.

Taitung's Yuan-Sen Botanical Garden(089-570-011) is a great place to enjoy some first-class botanical garden displays and landscapes. Take some time to browse around the souvenir shop and try out some of their healthy snacks, which are all sold at the store.

Finally, if you would like to find out more about where to go or what to see in the Yu-Chang Highway area, call the 24-hour hotline at : 0800-011765. The hotline has three language options--Chinese, English, and Japanese. So, don't let any language barriers stop you--go, explore, and have fun!

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