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Words & Pictures by the Dongshih Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau
Translated by Ann Lee
Website: http://dongshih.forest.gov.tw
Reservations (04) 2522-9696, (04) 2522-9797
For online reservations, http://tsfs.forest.gov.tw
All recreation areas listed below open from 8 am-5 pm

Mt. Hehuan National Forest Recreation Area

Mt. Hehuan, once a bleak and indistinct hunting ground for Atayal Aborigines, is now the most distinguished snow-viewing resort in Taiwan. When the Central Cross-Island Highway was built in 1956, the area from Wushe to Dayu Summit was also developed. The easiest way to get there is through 14 Taiwan Provincial Highway Chia. Due to its unique geography, topography and the traveling convenience provided by the Central Cross-Island Expressway, Hehuan quickly became a well-frequented tourist area. With the massif of Mt. Hehuan and Cilai Twin Peaks, the recreation area is also popular among hikers.

Mt. Hehuan Forest Recreational Area ranges in altitude from 2,750 to 3,421 (East Peak) meters. The area has a highland climate that varies greatly from day to night. Unique geological features at the park include steep rock walls and a significant valley with the massif of Cilai Twin Peaks visible in the east. Plentiful dwarf bamboo fields intermingle with hemlocks and firs, in sharp contrast to the snowy landscape. During the winter, snow accumulates in the Hehuan Valley and East Peak, making them perfect locations for skiing.

Mt. Hehuan Forest Recreational Area

Wuling National Forest Recreation Area

The Wuling National Forest Recreation Area, located northeast of Heping Township in Taichung County, is surrounded by SheiPa National Park and the Wuling Taiwan Trout Nature Reserve. It is a forest recreation area that's great for enjoying nature and learning about forestry. This area houses Taiwan's second highest peak, Syueshan (Snow Mtn.), and includes a total area of 3,760 hectares. Other special scenery includes Cijiawan Creek, Taoshan Waterfall, a highland meadow, a white wood forest, broken ridges, cirques, and mountain peaks that face Mt. Dabajian and the Central Mountains.

Rare landlocked Masu Salmon (Taiwan trout) can be seen near the Wuling Bridge. Tourists can enjoy beautiful Linyin flowers on a peaceful walk through the forest trail along this bridge (4.5 kilometers), which is a perfect stroll for early birds in the morning. The far end of the forest trail leads to the 50-meter-tall Taoshan Waterfall. The falls' foggy surroundings will give you the feeling of relaxing in a forest spa. To reach the recreational area, go on the Yilan branch of the Central Cross-Island Highway, take the road that leads to Wuling Farm and drive for another 30 kilometers.

Wuling National Forest Recreation Area,
(04) 2590-1020
Tickets: Adults NT$160, Children NT$80, large vehicles NT$80, small vehicles NT$50, scooters NT$10.

Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area

Located in Heping Township of Taichung County, Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area has the best primeval natural surroundings of the forest in Taiwan. It is also easy to get to; just go about 31 kilometers past Dongshi when taking the Da Syue Shan Forest Road. Geographically speaking, this area has a great advantage; it is a place where clouds and mists prevail, (with altitudes from 1,800 to 2,500 meters) and forest vegetation is distributed across four forest belts, leaving tourists with a great view. Along with an ever-changing climate and amazing sunrise and sunset views, Dasyueshan Forest Recreational Area has diverse and abundant forestry resources, provides a good nurturing environment for wild birds, and is also great for activities such as bird watching, hiking, appreciating great views, immersing in the natural surroundings of the forest and observing the ecological dispersion of plants and animals. The world's largest Taiwan Cypress (Hinoki) trees are also grown in the area. All roads connecting to Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area only allow vehicles with 20 people or less, so bigger groups with larger vehicles are prohibited. Making reservations ahead of time will make the trip a little easier and answer many questions about the area.

Dasyueshan Forest Recreational Area,
(04) 2587-7901
Tickets: Children NT$100, Adults NT$200, weekdays & group tickets for 20 or more NT$150 each, cars NT$100, scooters NT$20.

Basianshan National Forest Recreation Area

Located in Heping Township, close to the Guguan Hot Springs, Basianshan National Forest Recreation Area is filled with lush forests and a refreshing climate. Both Shiwen and Jibao creeks are within this recreation area and provide tranquil waters for visitors to enjoy, making Basianshan a great place for activities like bird-watching, mountain-climbing, hiking, and enjoying great natural surroundings of the forest. Basianshan, along with Taipingshan and Mt. Ali, have the reputation as Taiwan's three main forestry centers. To promote the park's abundant biological resources, the park area established a tourist information center, an ecological classroom, a plant specimen garden, and numerous immerse in the natural surroundings of the forest trails (Evergreen, Health, and Challenge). Further environmental educational programs are planned for the near future as well. The park has a lodge and restaurant that accommodates up to 100 people. The diverse menu items will keep hungry hikers satisfied. For overnight visitors, the lodge offers small wooden cabins, honeymoon houses, and the Basian Cottages. The facility can provide accommodations for up to 160 people. Basianshan is 33 kilometers past the DuMing Bridge on Taiwan's Number 8 Provincial highway.


Basianshan National Forest Recreation Area
(04) 2595-1214
Tickets: Children NT$75, Adults NT$150,
Weekdays/adults & groups of 20 or more NT$100, cars NT$100, scooters NT$20

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