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Elixir Health Pot (Taipei XinSheng Branch)

Elixir Health Pot (Taipei XinSheng Branch)

Elixir Health Pot (Taipei XinSheng Branch)

Elixir Health Pot (Taipei XinSheng Branch)

Elixir Health Pot (Taipei XinSheng Branch)

By Josie
Translated by Angel Pu

As one of the restaurant brands in the Tripod King Restaurant Group, Elixir Health Pot focuses on offering healthy, natural food in an elegant, zen-like dining environment coupled with high-quality service. The diners will feel the differences from other hotpot restaurants as soon as they enter Elixir, and this is also a plus for standing out among Taipei's numerous hotpot restaurants.

For those who have never come before, they may be curious about Elixir’s unique Ice Cream Tofu Pot and Elixir Pork. The Ice Cream Tofu, as the name suggests, is tofu that tastes and looks like smooth ice cream. Elixir Pork (NT$328) is thin-sliced pork served on crushed ice, and it’s rich in collagen. The pork is stewed with various Chinese herbs and Chinese wines such as Shaoxing and sorghum liquor in order to get rid of unnecessary fat and keep the collagen. The pork is saturated with the smell of wine after cooking it in the hotpot for just three seconds.

The key point of a good hotpot is the stock. The most popular hotpots at Elixir are the Spicy Hotpot Collagen Beauty Hotpot and Double Flavor Hotpot. Although the stock of Spicy Hotpot looks red, but it’s actually only slightly spicy because it’s made of various Chinese herbs. Spicy food lovers can feel free to enhance the spiciness of the stock. Beauty Hotpot’s white stock is cooked with steamed pork bones, pork tendons and hens for over eight hours. Various Chinese herbs, such as ginseng, make the stock flavory and refreshing. For every diner, the restaurant requires NT$110 for the hotpot stock. If you order Beauty Hotpot, you can add NT$10 and have their famous Ice Cream Tofu. Sliced Duck Blood and Tofu are all-you-can-eat, but other hotpot ingredients are a la carte. For diners who want to have two kinds of hotpot flavors, order Double Flavor Hotpot. For every table, the minimum bill is NT$650, so most diners share tables with many friends.

124, XingSheng S. Rd., Sec. 1, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City
(02) 3322-5529
Hours: 11:30~4:00
10% service charge. Take-out available. Chinese/ English menu

Elixir Health Pot (Taipei XinSheng Branch) Elixir Health Pot (Taipei XinSheng Branch)

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