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1Bite2Go Cafe & Deli
The "Cafe" section faces an
120-inch wide projector screen,
and is surrounded by collage
posters made from newspaper
cut-outs and old photos from
the the 50's and the 60's on
the wall. A glance at these
photos brings one to realize
that the sex goddess Marilyn
Monroe went to the gym as

1Bite2Go Cafe & Deli

By Josie
Translated by Erica Lin

115, ZhongZheng Rd, Shilin, Taipei City
(02) 2882-5676
Hours: 10 am-10 pm
10% Service Charge
Take-out Available
Chinese/English Menu Available

The latest gourmet brand from the Ambassador Hotel Group, Soho style 1Bite2Go Cafe & Deli features mainly American-style sandwiches. "One Bite" hints at guests to take a big bite, because the food is so delicious that one just takes bite after bite; "to go" means take out, the witty and easy name speaks for its branding concept.

1Bite2Go, mainly divided into two sections, an eat-in "Cafe" section and a take-out "Deli" section. The cafe primarily serves "Big Deli-style Sandwiches", now with four selections. Signature NY Pastrami Combo (NT$400) is an imitation of New York's most well-known sandwich from Katz’s Delicatessen, which has been in business for over a hundred years. Katz’s Delicatessen is the site of a famous scene in the classic romantic comedy "When Harry Met Sally", making it a popular tourist spot. The pastrami is even more of a not-to-be-missed delicacy--now instead of flying to New York, one can enjoy big bites of the thin-sliced, grilled, and slow roasted, satisfying taste in Shilin. Classic Reuben Sandwich (NT$400) is another traditional choice. The deli section offers freshly-made sandwiches, salad, juice and other drinks for take-out service. Popular American smoothies and whips including Chocolate Republic Smoothie (NT$150) and Strawberry Banana Whip (NT$150), enjoyable by many even when one is not eating a full meal, especially on a hot sunny day.

1Bite2Go Cafe & Deli 1Bite2Go Cafe & Deli
Left: Besides providing 30 ingredients for guests to make their own salad combo, 1Bite2Go also has various refreshing drinks. Such as as the low fat Mango Sorbet (NT$180), made with a generous amount of mango cubes and low fat milk with no sugar or water added. The creamy, mouth watering sorbet will leave one wanting for more.
Right: Renovated from an historic warehouse, Bite2Go has the spacious advantage with a 6.5 meters tall lofty ceiling, giving diners the impression of a lively American atmosphere. It also has a convenient U-shape take-out counter for customers to order and pay.

1Bite2Go Cafe & Deli 1Bite2Go Cafe & Deli
Left: The NY Pastrami Combo sandwich is made with slow-roasted, wet-cured fine beef brisket, finely sliced into a substantial 7-ounce portion, and combined with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and grilled rye. It comes with Israeli pickled cucumbers, french fries, and chips; the results are simply irresistible--even for New Yorkers.
Right: From 1Bite2Go's all day brunch menu, the Skillet Breakfast (NT$390) is served with the popular French cast iron pot maker, Le Creuset's pot. Colorfully decorated with onions, sweet bell peppers, diced vegetables, potato cubes, two sunny side-up eggs, and homemade spiced beef, the Skillet Breakfast is aesthetically pleasing and full of nutrition.

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