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Kokonana Bakery & Cafe


Kokonana Bakery & Cafe


Kokonana Bakery & Cafe

55, ChaoMa 7th St, Xitun District
停業 Closed

Located in a quiet alley, Kokonana promotes relaxation with its serene-feeling environment. It was opened by couple Tinna and Michael, who studied baking on their own and started out with an online business selling Ice Rolls (NT$40/piece, NT$230/box) and pound cakes. This attractive shop offers freshly-baked bread, cakes and handmade cookies, and drinks include various coffees, specially-mixed iced teas, flavored milk, cocoa and healthy German fruit teas. On the light dining side, sandwiches, lasagna, soup and salads are also served here. --By Ruby Wu, translated by Angel Pu

A. The architecture includes a large glass skylight in the ceiling that allows sunlight in and guests to look out for nice day and night views of the sky.

B. In addition to the usual seating, there are staircase-style seats here that allow you to pick out a favorite step, lean back on a comfy cushion and relax in the afternoon sun.

Kokonana Bakery & CafeC. Kokonana insists on using premium ingredients. For example, the Caesar Salad (NT$100) is made with imported fresh Romaine lettuce, croutons, tomatoes, raisins, boiled eggs and grated cheese. The aged vinegar dressing helps highlight the freshness and flavors of each ingredient. Soup in Bread Ball (NT$120) is another creative dish. The dough consists of "old dough", soup and yeast cultivated from honey and then left to ferment. Bread made from this dough has a wonderful aroma and texture. Pouring the thick mushroom soup into the bread ball makes it a perfect between-meals snacks. Another great combination is a latte (NT$120) and piece of Opera Cake (NT$130) made from the French recipe--rolling almond paste into the dough, stuffing it with coffee cream and coating it with chocolate.

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