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Vita Hair Salon

259-5 WuChang St, North Dist
(04) 2207-3337
Hours: 10 am-8 pm (closed Sun)

It's no surprise that Vita Hair Salon has had loyal customers since it opened its doors 16 years ago. Besides a clean, comfortable and trendy-feeling atmosphere, it also has six highly-trained stylists on staff, including those who work specifically with English-speaking and foreign customers. Specializing in organic hair products and high-quality equipment, Vita Hair Salon believes hair can look great without sacrificing its health.

Vita's stylists use many natural products as well as high-quality GHD instruments for their in-house services. They offer the usual shampoo, haircut, perm and hair dye options, but with an emphasis on protecting the hair's health, offering a range of scalp and hair protection creams and serums to include in your hairstyling package. Higher-end services include Luxury Treatment (NT$1500-2200), O Way Hair Spa (NT$1800), and Keratin Smoothing Treatment (NT$4000-8000), which are specifically geared toward all-natural hair restoration and health. Olaplex treatments are included when bleaching, which helps to restore the hair's core, retain its shape, and prevent perm or color damage. These treatments can also be purchased separately for NT$1800 to NT$3000, depending on the type of treatment, and a home Olaplex No. 3 solution is also available for NT$1200 for a 100 ml bottle.

Vita Hair Salon Vita Hair Salon Vita Hair Salon

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