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AR's Patisserie

By Lin Fu-shan
Translated by Alicia Yu

979, DaDun Rd, Xitun Dist. 
(04) 2320-1996 
Hours: 12-10 pm
Credit cards accepted.

Six years ago, AR's Patisserie's attractive female owner Chang Shu-ching fell in love with desserts and went to France to study traditional French dessert-making. Due to the increased maturity of local consumers and healthy-diet concepts, Chang insists on creating non-oily, less-sweet desserts wholly handmade without preservatives or stabilizers. The shop's dessert series includes financier and pound cakes and its Orange Cake was selected as one of Taichung's Top 10 Souvenirs in 2013.

AR's Patisserie AR's Patisserie
Left: The natural, delicious Orange Cake is creamy and has an orange fragrance. The French Pineapple Cake (gift box NT$400) features a pineapple filling wrapped in a French crust and a sweet-sour flavor (the sourness from the pineapple and sweetness from sugar).
Right: The Pineapple Cake here won the Quality Award at the Taipei Pineapple Cake Contest and participated in a Japanese dessert competition.

AR's Patisserie AR's Patisserie
Left: Longan Pound Cake (NT$320) offers the strong fragrance of longan fruit and butter together with aromatic, crunchy nuts. Lemon Pound Cake (NT$320) also exudes fresh lemon fragrance.
Right: Orange Pound Cake (NT$299) is made with a mixture of almond powder, sugar and navel oranges. This creamy, delicate pastry stays very moist and has a natural orange fragrance. To make Pumpkin Cake (NT$299), pumpkins are fully baked and then mashed before being mixed with a custard filling, retaining the nutritiousness and sweetness of the pumpkins.

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