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Cultural Gifts Shop
This cute-looking screwdriver
serves not only a practical, but
also ornamental, function.

Cultural Gifts Shop
The shop is situated on the first
floor of the new City Hall.

Cultural Gifts Shop

99, Taiwan Blvd, Sec 3, Xitun Dist. (Taichung City Hall HuiZhong Bldg.)
(04) 2258- 8133
Hours: 9 am-5:30 pm (closed Sat/Sun)
Credit cards accepted.

At the entrance of this shop--located on the first floor of the new City Hall--you'll see an array of the annually-voted Taichung Top 10 Souvenirs. Conveniently, this one-stop shop also allows you to browse and purchase an eye-catching variety of representative products from the city's districts in one location. Besides farmers' association products and items from the government's OTOP (One Town One Product) initiative, the variety ranges from Daan district onions, Daya district red Job's tears and Xinshe district mushrooms to Wufeng district sake. The store's sales area is divided into three areas--farmers' associations; Taichung gifts (including Top 10 souvenirs); and Taichung-produced cultural arts products such as handicrafts and other similar items (like Dajia district rushes, Taiping district indigo dye and aboriginal handmade bags).

Conveniently, the store also provides a customized gift-packaging service, allowing you to choose from the displayed goods and create your own gift combination, which the staff will help you package. These customized bundles not only represent Taichung's cultural features, but are certainly among the best souvenirs for friends and relatives. --Photos by Lin Li Han

Cultural Gifts Shop Cultural Gifts Shop
Products are displayed in a well- organized manner.

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