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Foodpanda: Delivering quality cuisine to your front door

By Douglas Habecker
Translated by Angela Cheng

foodpanda official site: http://www.foodpanda.com.tw/
APP/foodpanda APP: http://www.foodpanda.com.tw/contents/apps
Hours: 9:30 am-9:30 pm
Credit cards usually accepted (depending on restaurant)
Service hotline: 0800-252-522

While box-lunch and fast-food couriers zipping around town on scooters are a common local sight, the idea of ordering a big Italian meal, a high-end steak dinner, or a full-course Thai feast in this fashion seems completely bizarre. That is set to change as Taichung has now joined Taipei and dozens of other cities in 45 countries served by online food-delivery business foodpanda.

Foodpanda Foodpanda Foodpanda

Thanks to this unprecedented service, you can have virtually any cuisine under the sun, from French and Indian to Japanese, sent to your home or office 365 days per year--even if there's a typhoon gusting outside.

Headquartered in Berlin, foodpanda provides services from Azerbaijan and Algeria to Senegal and Singapore. Back in June, 2012, it arrived in Taipei and now partners with over 1,000 restaurants island-wide. Recently, it expanded to Taichung where in a relatively short period of time it has forged cooperation with over 150 dining establishments, from independent eateries like Bystro and Bollywood to international chains like T.G.I. Friday's and Vapiano.

Basically, this business expands food-delivery options from traditional choices to encompass premium dining establishments that normally do not deliver. Customers use the foodpanda website or mobile app to browse online, regularly-updated menus for partner restaurants and then make their orders, which foodpanda then places with the restaurant before delivering the food (usually via foodpanda's own Premium Delivery Team). After ordering, customers will receive a SMS confirmation message with estimated delivery time, averaging 45 minutes. During busier evening periods, foodpanda encourages customers to pre-order earlier to avoid longer waits.

Foodpanda Foodpanda

Customers are charged a fee for this service, based on delivery distance, with a maximum service radius of seven kilometers from the restaurant. For example, one would pay a NT$149 for a five-kilometer delivery. In addition to a customer-feedback section, foodpanda also saves customer orders online, allowing for re-orders to be done quickly, and multiple addresses can also be stored so they don't need to be entered for every order.

As foodpanda Taiwan Co-founder and CEO Ron Chan notes: "People want convenience, but there's never been an option like this before, where you can get quality food delivered straight to your door."

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