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MEGA Medical Cosmetic Center (Taichung XiangShang branch)

MEGA Medical Cosmetic Center (Taichung XiangShang branch)

MEGA Medical Cosmetic Center (Taichung XiangShang branch)

Words by Ann Li
Translated by Naomi Lai

345, XiangShang Rd, Sec 1 (ZhongMing S Rd intersection)
Hours: Mon-Sat 9:30 am-9 pm
(04) 2472-7890
Credit cards acceptede.

"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones" is a commonly-known local saying that, thanks to today's advances in medical cosmetics, is increasingly becoming a reality. Perhaps you've been noticing that the colleague sitting next to you in the office is getting more and more beautiful, but you can't figure out what's changed. That's the beauty of medical cosmetics. Now, all of your facial problems, from acne and spots to enlarged pores, can be solved during only a lunch break. With the help of various anti-aging equipment and treatments, you can glow with more confidence as you walk through a crowd.

Taichung's MEGA Medical Cosmetic Center offers a five-star interior and environment, including an open lobby and crystal chandeliers. On the first floor is the receptionist, consultation room and rest area. Here, you can watch TV or just relax on a private sofa while getting your skin-whitening injections. If you need help, just press a side service button and the attentive staff members will provide assistance. The second floor holds the laser and light therapy rooms and the third floor is the skincare area. All equipment at this center used has received medical-level certification from the Department of Health.

The center also offers high-quality beauty products with private VIP therapy rooms, professional medical staff and doctors for consultation. All procedures are performed by specialized physicians and services include laser and light therapy, micro-plastic surgery, plastic surgery, preventative medicine, weight loss and body contouring, and skin care.

Wanting to be beautiful is part of woman's nature, but modern males should not dismiss the importance of looking good either. Whether you are a man or woman, you can improve yourself with a new level of beauty. In celebration of the opening of the center's RenAi branch in Taipei and the anniversary of Taichung's XiangShang branch, MEGA is offering special discount packages. Call for more information and reservations.

MEGA Medical Cosmetic Center (Taichung XiangShang branch) MEGA Medical Cosmetic Center (Taichung XiangShang branch)

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