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La Flea

La Flea

La Flea

La Flea: A truly unique breed of second-hand store

By Lishea Zheng
Translated by Sho Huang

(04) 2463-6560
97, FuRui St
Hours: 1-9 pm (closed Sundays)
Credit cards not accepted. Chinese/English bilingual service.

La Flea specializes in offering unique second-hand merchandise. When it opened in February, all items here were sold on consignment and without commission, although the owner now buys products with cash or credit. It has become a place where select second-hand clothing can be found and one never know what they'll find hidden here.

Fashionable second-hand clothing expert Anning, who owns this shop, has a very unique taste and talent for spotting treasures among piles of clothes, once going through 400 pieces of clothing and accessories to come up with original styles within two hours.

arious clothing items, jeans and shoes that look practically new all start from NT$50. All kinds of name brands also are sometimes available and can accompany you home for only NT$3,000-4,000 apiece. Most normal items, however, are truly rock-bottom cheap; the shop runs seven-day NT$1 bidding events for certain products, while ordinary paper bag labeled with yellow and black stickers are either NT$10 or free. What's even better is that you can always try on the pieces you're interested in until you're completely satisfied.

Shoppers can enjoy a coffee at La Flea and pay whatever they think is a reasonable price for it, and the shop's DJ, Chrisni, plays alternative techno music to make your shopping more entertaining (visit http:// Chrisni.podomatic.com/ for more information). Finally, trendy pet wigs are also available here. Visit www.laflea.com.tw and you can watch films of different dogs modeling for the accessories.

La Flea La Flea

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