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      By Rita Huang ¶À´ð´A
Translated by Kate Kuo ³¢®ü«Â

*Apacer Audio Steno

Suggested Retail: NT$3800
Manufacturer: Apacer (Taiwan)

Just when you¡¦re still amazed at the portability and extreme convenience of those flash drives (also called ezDisk, pen drives, etc.), the latest enhancements to these little units will prove to you that they have indeed become indispensable.The Apacer Audio Steno is not just a flash drive, but actually an MP3 player and a voice recorder in one. Weighing merely 46g (without battery), the compact Audio Steno is perfect for people on the move. With 128MB built-in capacity, when used as a flash drive, the Audio Steno supports standard plug-n-play thru USB. It plays the MP3 and WMA music formats, holding up to 30 songs. The backlit LCD makes it easy to see the track number and title being played. The voice recorder function supports mono WAV format with long recording time of up to 10 hours ¡V perfect for classes or meetings.Priced at around NT$3800 the Apacer Audio Steno is packed with value and performance. The latest ¡§radio-on-the-go¡¨ model even has an FM receiver built-in, for a slightly higher price.

*Haier P5 Pen Phone

Suggested Retail: $$$
Manufacturer: Haier Electronics (China)

For a manufacturer located in China, Haier has been coming up with record-breaking mobile phone products. This time, the P5 ¡§Pen Phone¡¨ is the world¡¦s first integrated digital voice recorder pen and mobile phone.Taking completely the design of a digital recorder pen, the Haier P5 measures only 17.9mm in width and weighs a light 66g ¡V much lighter than most of the mobile phones.The main feature of the Haier P5, is the built-in digital voice recorder, albeit a limited recording time of 15min max. Compared to most GSM phones that record only up to 5 minutes, the Haier P5 does come in handy for longer-recording needs. The head of the phone is equipped with a laser pointer ¡V an interesting feature for business execs during their presentations.The phone features, however, fall short of its innovative design. It¡¦s a very basic phone with no color display, JAVA, MMS or EMS, doesn¡¦t support WAP, GPRS, or Bluetooth, and has a standby time of only 120 hours, which is average for mobile phones. It does have 35 4-polyphonic ring tones, and 3 games.

* Say goodbye to your dimpled skin! 
Having a slim body is many modern women's biggest dream. Most people exercise and diet in an effort to have a perfect body. Such activities must be carried out constantly, just like the daily use of skin-care products. However, what kind of product can improve the skin's texture while having a slimming effect at the same time? There's one: the latest Celluli-Choc from BIOTHERM.

Many women worry about dimpled skin. This can result from genetics, nutrition, stress, long hours of sitting in the office, or other lifestyle factors. Even slim women find that dimpled skin can occur on the legs and buttocks. BIOTHERM¡¦s Celluli-Choc takes all your worries away by penetrating quickly into these sensitive areas and breaking down fat tissue. It also stimulates the release of £] endorphin, which has a great contouring effect, thereby reducing cellulite and dimples. As a result, cellulite and bumpy areas feel smoother by 73 percent, while skin feels smoother and more firm by 90 percent.

* MAC New style
The latest line of MAC cosmetics has once again shown its variation, and nude, sharp images in the make-up world. Backstage at its presentation show we saw models putting on the special make-up which is so artistic in that charming blue matching with the deep, slim winker. I think this new line is very suitable for party girls who aspire to "wild beauty." And if you are searching for some special looks to try on I¡¦m sure that this new line would surely satisfy your needs!
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