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Bringing art and life closer on the "Arts & Culture Bus"
Wheel-throwing at the Zhao
Family Kiln Craft Shop in Daya

Bringing art and life closer on the "Arts & Culture Bus"
Storytelling of "Alice in
Wonderland" at the Taichung
English and Art Museum.

Bringing art and life closer on the "Arts & Culture Bus"

Taichung Centenary "Arts & Culture Bus"

Words by Taichung City Government Cultural Affairs Bureau
Translated by Angel Pu

Culture is a key element of Taichung's cityscape and, as the city's territory has grown following the city-county merger, its cultural life has also become more diverse. To encourage citizens to visit a variety of cultural venues and attractions, the city goverment's Cultural Affairs Bureau has come up with the idea of a "arts and culture bus". Apart from providing an alternative way to enjoy arts, residents from the former city and county areas could also get to know other areas better through culture.

The "arts and culture bus" is a free public-transportation service with eight lines and 40 departures. All stops are located near the city's cultural facilities, arts-related businesses, historic sites, galleries, local cultural institutions, and community art centers. Thus, residents will be able to gain a better understanding of local artists, cultural facilities and local culture.

Buses will depart from four city cultural centers: Dadun Culture Center, Holotun Culture Center, Seaport Art Center and Tun District Art Center; and routes are spread through mountain, coastal and "Tun (Nantun, Xitun and Beitun Districts)" areas as well as downtown. A professional guide will be present on every line and there will be at least one art activity in every tour, making this an interesting, informative service for a variety of people.

By comparison with normal bus tours, the object of the arts and culture bus is to encourage people to experience the beauty and fun of art. Planned tours include gourd-painting in Holotun community, drum-playing with the Jiu Tian Theatrical Troupe, a visit to Cai Rong You Pottery Studio, cake-making at Master A-Cong's Museum of Cakes and Cookies, "Alice in Wonderland" storytelling at the Taichung English and Art Museum (in Dali district), creating handicrafts at the Mutou-wood Wood Crafts Studio, and ceramics-making at Daya district's Zhao Family Kiln Craft Shop.

These activities and venues are all interesting, unique and suitable for fostering greater artistic appreciation. To sign up, please check the bulletins posted on the Culture Affairs Bureau website (http://www.culture.taichung.gov.tw).

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