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Lakeside leisure at Feng Le Sculpture Park

Information provided by Taichung City Government
Pictures and article by Yang Jing-Yi
Translated by Cara Steenstra

Photograhy/ Lu Ke-Xi

How long has it been since you last lay down in a field and felt the wind? During May, the last of month of spring, flowers bloom everywhere and it is the best time of year for families get out of the house. Taichung's Fengle Sculpture Park, offen called the most beautiful park in Taiwan, is located at the intersection of Hsinnan Road and WenXin south 5th Road in Nantun District and is a very good choice for a short trip.

When you arrive at Fengle, you must visit the outdoor coffee shop built beside the lake, and have a cup of Hueihsin coffee or some snacks. Various kinds of drinks are hand-mixed on site and very different from drinks that are made from usual concentrates. Three snacks are highly recommended: any NT$70 drink comes with a slice of cake, a Halley Puff, or thick toast. Each tastes different but equally delicious. While you are eating your snack, you can also enjoy the gentle breezes, the beautiful lake view, the chirping of the birds, the fragrance of the flowers, feeding the fish in the lake, or watching the sculptures located randomly throughout the park. Satisfaction comes easily in this place.

The Fengle Lakeview Cafe is the main scenic spot in the park. The atmosphere during the day is different from that of the evening. Other scenic spots include Rainbow Lake, the waterfalls, a sculptured bridge and a performance stage. Apart from the drinks and baked desserts, the open square also attracts many public and private clubs holding outdoor and group activities. At times, while you enjoy your coffee, you can listen to the relaxing, improvised Jazz being performed by famous jazz bands from central Taiwan. There are about 400 seats around the lake and 60 seats on the stage above the lake, a great place to enjoy the view and the music.

After sunset, Fengle is lit up like a rainbow and you are immersed in the beauty of the urban night. Folk singers perform at Lakeview Cafe starting from 5 p.m. Pleasant singing and starry skies make the night especially romantic. Whether day or night, you must not miss the chance to savor the flavour of a Lakeview coffee during this romantic, leisurely moment.

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